2017-18 Winter and Spring Classes and Camps


General Information

It’s easy to register online! Be ready to fill in a short medical history and note all of your emergency contact numbers. Our classes are very popular, and we do set caps so that we can offer the best teacher/student ratio. Enroll today so that there’s no disappointing “Sorry, that class is filled” news. Fee Schedule: “Subscribers” refers to those with season tickets for either the Mainstage or Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre. Subscribers receive tuition discounts AND are the first to register for each class session. Non-subscribers can purchase season tickets to the Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre or Mainstage and receive tuition discounts and priority registration.

Parent/Student Protocol

We understand that a child’s successful experience at the Playhouse is, in part, dependent upon the commitment of his or her parent. We appreciate your willingness to support your child in this regard. The following are a set of expectations designed to give your child a meaningful and safe experience. Arrival Your children depend upon you to drop them off on time. Classes begin at the appointed hour, just like curtain time! Park your car in the lot and walk your child inside. There will be a sign-in sheet for day camps, while those in weekly classes will have a check-in. Departure Your children also depend upon you to pick them up on time. Park and come inside to sign them out. There will be a Playhouse representative in the lobby to make sure that everyone leaves with a safe adult. If your student is old enough to drive, walk to classes alone, or ride a bike, please let the education director know by way of a letter that your child may come to and leave classes unaccompanied. Medical Needs and Illness Please make sure that the emergency numbers you provide are for someone who is available to come should your child need to leave. If students tell us they are ill enough to go home, we take them at their word! Medical needs should be clearly outlined. The more thorough you are, the more efficient we can be. Discipline Some students find that theatre classroom and performance etiquette is too demanding for them. Our disciplinary policy is as follows:

  • To clearly state rules and expectations up front
  • To give the student an opportunity to correct his or her own behavior
  • To give a reasonable time-out within the classroom

If those steps are not successful, the student will be brought to the education director who will decide if a call home is warranted.  If teachers and the director are not successful negotiating improvement, parents will be asked in for a conference.  Only as a final step would a student be asked to leave class permanently.*

*Please note that physical violence or threats will not be tolerated and are reason for immediate dismissal from class.


  • Shoes that lace up. This makes it both easy and safe to move around during play.
  • A lunch to full-day camps and a snack for half-day camps.
  • Beverages and candy can be purchased by full-day campers at the noon hour.
  • A sweater to wear in case the room gets chilly.

Don’t Bring:

  • Electronic devices (cell phones, other hand-held games, I-Pods, tablets).
  • Flip flops, open-toed sandals, etc.

CREATIVE DRAMA: Preschool- Grade 2 (Approximately)

Creative drama sparks children’s natural ability to become the characters they hear about in the books they love.  This program is literature-based and designed to foster listening and cooperative skills as well as self-esteem and individual expression. Activities may include: 

  • Dramatic play
  • Story enactment
  • Imagination journeys
  • Theatre games
  • Music
  • Puppetry
  • Dance


Grades 2-12 (Approximately)

Performance and acting skills classes use the activity of  working on a play, scenes or monologues to explore four performance essentials, which include: 

  • Voice development
  • Body awareness
  • Character preparation
  • Ensemble formation





The Playhouse, local newspapers and TV stations will occasionally document or feature Playhouse classes in film and news stories. If you do not want your child photographed, please notify the Playhouse in writing. Thank you.