Elections: Final Act Ensemble Summer Showcase

jul 19, 2016; 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Performance Times:
7:00 PM

The Final Act Ensemble returns for another installment of nostalgic radio programming, this time with an election year theme. Episodes in the Summer Showcase include “Fibber McGee and Molly on Election Day,” “Gracie (Allen) Runs for President,” and “George Frumple Runs for Town Council.” Also on the program: period songs, batty commercials, an exciting installment of “The Shadow” and the return of Dick Tracy, this time solving “Murder at the Mike.” And, of course, all programs feature sound effects created live, before your eyes!

The Final Act Ensemble is a troupe of performers ages 60 and older that perform classic and original radio plays, including commercials and sound effects. Programs are available for youth, adult, and multi-generational audiences.


Company Members:
Barbara Alvord
Jim Arthur
Mary Jane Brittain
Katie Brooks
Joanne Brown
Victoria Christian
Al Downey
Ruth Downey
Jerry Eisenhour
Barbara Keck
Molly Ketchum
Elysa Koss
Melinda Leseney
Hu Lundberg
R.J. Lundgren
Susie McCauley
Sharrie Millner
Mark Pullen
Mary Gill Reeves
Ruth Schanke
William Slicker
Marsha Szymczuk
Ed Truslow
Nancy Waldman
John Wetherell
Phyllis Wolfe