Teen Mentorship Program

The Teen Mentorship Program pairs teens ages 16-18 with area professionals working on a production at the Des Moines Community Playhouse for the duration of a production. You will get the opportunity to gain marketable theatre experience as well as make connections in the Des Moines theatre community. Opportunities include working as an assistant lighting designer and learning how to translate a director’s vision into light and shadows, as well as hang and focus lights, and program a light board. Or, train as an assistant stage manager and learn how to lead production meetings, write rehearsal reports, and call a show. The possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a deep dive into an area of theatre you’ve always been interested in.

If you are still interested in a Teen Mentorship contact our Education Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator, Taylor Millar, at tmillar@dmplayhouse.com or (515) 954-7685


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s the time commitment?

A: It depends on the role. Generally, you can expect to spend around 15 hours a week on your mentorship for the duration of the rehearsal process, but schedules are ultimately set by the mentors.


Q: What areas can I be mentored in?

A: Right now, we’re offering mentorships in directing, stage management, lighting design, sound design, costume design and construction, set design and construction, props design and construction, and music direction. For education, please see information about our PIP program here. If there’s an area you don’t see here that you’re interested in email Taylor Millar, our Education Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator, at tmillar@dmplayhouse.com.


Q: How much prior experience do I need to apply?

A: We recommend you’ve worked on at least one show to make sure you have some basic, working knowledge about theatre and that you are 16-18 years of age, but you don’t need to be an expert yet!


Q: What does this prepare me for?

A: After you’ve successfully completed at least three mentorships in an area you can be considered to design or manage a show for us. Not to mention, it’s great experience to put on a resume!


Q: How do you match mentors and teens?

A: We consider many factors to pair up mentorship teams. It depends on both parts of the team’s schedule, interests, and level of expertise.