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Audition Schedule

Anyone who ever wanted to act, from persons with no experience to the most seasoned actor, is welcome on our stage. Beginning with auditions and ending with the final curtain call, staff and support volunteers are there to help. Many novices are concerned about learning all the lines or being nervous on stage. This should not stop anyone! During the many weeks of rehearsal your role and character will become second nature.

Did you know 50% of the actors who appear on our stages every year are making their Playhouse debut?

Time Requirements

  • Not all roles require attendance at all rehearsals. Depending upon the role and the show, rehearsals may be 4-5 days per week for 5-7 weeks prior to opening. Rehearsals are typically 2-3 hours.

  • All actors are required for all performances (15-25 performances).

Additional information on auditioning follows the audition schedule.

Cast Needs Legend:
M = men ages 16+ unless otherwise noted
W = women ages 16+ unless otherwise noted
B = boys ages 8-15 unless otherwise specified
G = girls ages 8-15 unless otherwise specified

PDF audition forms are posted prior to auditions. Please complete BOTH the audition form and the conflict calendar and bring them with you to auditions. Both of these documents will be available to you should you choose to complete them at the Playhouse prior to your audition. These are form fillable and may be completed digitally or by hand.  

Those auditioning for musicals (*) must bring a prepared solo. An accompanist will be provided, as well as the ability to play an accompaniment track from an iPhone or similar device.

All auditions are open to the public.

*You may audition for both Tinker Bell and Singin’ in the Rain on January 6, 2020. Please sign in at Singin’ in the Rain auditions first and let the audition team know you would like to read for Tinker Bell. You should fill out regular audition forms below for Singin’ and do not need to also submit information for Tinker Bell unless you are feeling very ambitious or curious about our new system for audition sign-ups. The show directors will collaborate on casting decisions for those who audition for both. 

**Audition forms for Tinker Bell are new! Since you get to test out a new audition system, please contact if you have any trouble with this new audition sign up system. Click on the link below in the Tinker Bell box, and follow instructions in Casting Manager. You may also show up to auditions and fill out this information at the Playhouse, but please arrive at least 15 minutes early. 

Show Performance Dates Audition Date 6:30 PM MONDAY unless otherwise noted Cast Requirements

*Pippi Longstocking

Apr. 24-May 17, 2020

School matinees: May 4-5, 2020

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020


7 M, 3 W, 2 G, 1 B, Ensemble M, W, B & G

Leaving Iowa

May 29-June 14, 2020

Monday, Apr. 6, 2020

3 M, 3 W

*Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical

July 10-Aug. 2, 2020

Monday, Apr. 27, 2020

6 M, 4 W, 2 B ages 10-15, 2 G ages 8-12, Ensemble M & W

General information on auditions:

  • The Playhouse is committed to diversity in casting. Where race, ethnicity, gender, age, or other personal differentiations are not demanded by the script, the Playhouse casts plays without regard to these attributes, and actively encourages participation by all members of the community.
  • Information sheets are available online with each show. Auditionees are encouraged to fill out these forms prior to coming to auditions. Auditionees should come with their calendars so they can provide complete information.
  • The Playhouse does not typically make audition appointments; auditionees are taken in the order that they turn in their information sheets.
  • For musicals, auditionees need to sing a prepared song. Auditionees will sing about one minute, or 16-32 bars of music. Most directors prefer that it not be from the show being auditioned. The Playhouse provides an accompanist as well as the ability to play a track from an iPhone or similar device. Auditionees may be taught a dance or movement routine as part of the audition. Auditionees may be asked to read a selection from the script. The Playhouse does not ask for prepared monologues.
  • The ages listed for each audition are guidelines. We provide them to give those auditioning a general idea what is being looked for. The minimum age to audition is 8, unless otherwise specified.
  • For non-musicals, those auditioning are asked to read a selection from the script. The Playhouse does not ask for prepared monologues. Usually scripts may be checked out from the Playhouse ticket office for up to one week. Scripts may not be checked out the week prior to auditions. It is suggested that auditionees contact the Playhouse ticket office at 515-277-6261 to confirm a script is available before coming in. Ticket office hours are Noon-6:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday.
  • Call-backs are usually held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Not everyone will be asked to call-backs. Some roles may be cast from the initial audition.
  • Cast lists are posted on the Playhouse website, once cast has been confirmed.
  • All auditions are at the Playhouse, Mondays at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted. All auditions are open to the public.
  • Shows, audition dates, and cast needs are subject to change. The Cast Needs information links to the rights houses’ information on the show and casting. This is merely informational and Playhouse directors may divert from the suggested.

For more information about auditions at the Playhouse, contact Robin Spahr515-974-5365.