To create extraordinary, shared experiences through live theatre.

To be the home for artistic collaboration where any story can be told.

The story
     We commit to telling each story with cultural and artistic integrity.
The space
     We commit to ensuring an accessible home for theatre experiences.
The community
     We commit to bringing friends and neighbors together to create live theatre.
The individual
     We commit to honoring each person’s unique contributions, perspectives, and talents.


We at The Playhouse, grieve at the injustice and systemic inequalities committed to marginalized people in our world.  We support community as we bond to create awareness and encourage dialogue.

We denounce racism and violence against all people.

Our team makes it our mission to engage and enrich all people to provide lifelong educational opportunities and is committed to creating and supporting an inclusive theatre that will give everyone a platform to heal and forward into better days.

Published:  June 2, 2020


All volunteers who come to audition for a show at The Des Moines Community Playhouse are welcome, and we do not ask – or keep a record of – their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, or disability status.

The Playhouse is deeply committed to, and supportive of, diversity in local theatre.  We work to include all members of the community, to the extent possible, in stage productions and to serve all members of the community in our educational programs.

The Playhouse has a strong and well-documented history of reaching out to diverse groups for inclusion in its programming. Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience for all volunteers and participants, from performers and students, to their families and our audience members.

Policy published August 18, 2016
Reiterated June 2, 2020

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