Calendar Girls


3-4 male-identifying roles, ages 25-60, any race or ethnicity
10 female-indentifying roles, ages 20-75, any race or ethnicity


3-4 male-identifying actors, ages 25-60, any race or ethnicity Men
10 female-identifying actors, ages 20-75, any race or ethnicity Women

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With heartache can come good. When Annie loses her husband to leukemia, she and her best friend, Chris, decide to raise money for the hospital by making a calendar… in the nude. The biggest challenge? Convincing their friends to drop everything for a good cause. Based on a true story of 11 Women’s Institute members, Calendar Girls is about letting go, accepting love, and giving yourself permission to enjoy life.

No performers will be asked to perform nude for this play. All nudity in the show is implied and each performer will be met at her level of comfort to creatively stage calendar scenes.

Note the change in audition dates and times from originally published: Auditions will be 1:00 PM, Saturday, Apr. 2, 2022.

Production Staff

Director: Kathy Pingel