Escaping the Labyrinth


3-6 male-identifying roles, ages 20-85, any race or ethnicity
1-3 female-identifying roles, ages 20-40, any race or ethnicity


3-6 male-identifying, ages 20-85, any race or ethnicity Men
1-3 female-identifying, ages 20-40, any race or ethnicity Women

Bud Schlieman, an average young American fueled by a passion for mythology, is surprised when he discovers that all the Greek gods and goddesses still exist and live undercover throughout the world. After falling madly in love with Dee, a waitress who is secretly the goddess Artemis, Bud spends the rest of his life searching for the one who got, well, ran away. Travel through time with the WORLD PREMIERE of this romantic comedy.

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Production Staff

Director: Katy Merriman

february, 2024