Pippi Longstocking


1 male-identifying role, ages 18-60, any race or ethnicity
1 male-identifying role, age 8-18, any race or ethnicity
4 female-identifying roles, ages 18-60, any race or ethnicity
3 female-identifying roles, ages 8-18, any race or ethnicity
4-6 roles any gender, ages 8 and up, any race or ethnicity


1 male-identifying actor, ages 18-60, any race or ethnicity Men
2 female-identifying actors, ages 18-60, any race or ethnicity Women
1 male-identifying youth, age 8-18, any race or ethnicity Boys
2 female-identifying youths, ages 18-70, any race or ethnicity; 2 actors, ages 16 and up, any gender, any race or ethnicity; youth ensemble, any gender, ages 8-16, any race or ethnicity Girls

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Her father is a pirate captain, her mother is an angel, there’s a horse on the porch, and a monkey in the kitchen! Pippilotta Delicatessen Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking, or Pippi for short, is not your average young girl. She lives on the outskirts of town in a ramshackle house. You would know her if you saw her freckle-face, red-pigtails, and mismatched stockings. Whether she’s standing up to the Child Welfare Board or thwarting burglars after a gold treasure, every day is an adventure when you’re with Pippi!

Production Staff

Director: Melissa Chavas-Miller

march, 2023

22mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

23mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

24mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

25mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

26mar2:00 pmKinky Boots2:00 pm

29mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

30mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm

31mar10:00 am10:45 amThe Three Little Pigs10:00 am - 10:45 am

31mar1:30 pm2:15 pmThe Three Little Pigs1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

31mar7:30 pmKinky Boots7:30 pm