Men on Boats

The year: 1869. The crew: a maniacally talkative youth, an old Civil War vet who doesn’t like people, an overexcited Brit, and a hunter who wears only beaver skins, to name just a few. Led by John Wesley Powell, a one-armed crazy-faced explorer with an excitable soul, this motley bunch faces treacherous Colorado River rapids and the unexplored American frontier. Governed by ambition, hunger, and downright insanity, they must decide when to press on and when to give in to the dangers of exploration. Note: This play contains adult language.

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Performance Times:
7:30 PM Wednesdays through Saturdays & 2:00 PM Sundays
Signature Series in the Studio Theatre
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Content Advisory:
Note: This play contains adult language. The Playhouse does not rate subject matter as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have questions about content, age appropriateness, or other aspects of the show (ie strobe lights and other theatrical effects), please contact the ticket office at 515.277.6261.

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By Jaclyn Backhaus • Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing LLC •