Performance Academy Production of Disney’s Frozen Kids

You’ll love this fanciful and heartwarming stage adaptation of the celebrated animated film and Broadway musical. Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, and the rest of your favorite characters as they embark on an epic, ice-filled journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and the real meaning of true love. Adapted for young performers, this musical includes favorite Frozen songs such as “Love Is an Open Door,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” and “Let It Go,” as well as wonderful new songs from the Broadway production. This production of Frozen KIDS is sure to prove that “some people are worth melting for.”

In-person: Mar. 18-19, 2022
Please note this show is being presented in the Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre and will be sold at full capacity as demand warrants.

Our safety guide has been updated and reflects these main changes. The Playhouse no longer requires masks to attend a performance. However, masks are welcomed! If it makes you more comfortable, please feel free to wear a mask. We understand that individual healthcare is a matter of personal practices and choices.

We do ask that:

  • if you are feeling sick, or
  • have a positive test, or
  • have had exposure to someone who has COVID

please call the ticket office and reschedule your performance. Our refund and exchange policy remains in effect: You have up to 7 days following your performance date to request an exchange or refund.

Please note: The Playhouse remains committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for volunteers and guests. Should circumstances change once again, mask mandates return, or the CDC alters their recommendations, we will follow the most stringent guidelines. Click here to read our changes as of Mar. 2, 2022.

Performance Times:
4:30 PM Fri. & 10:00 AM Sat.
Performance Academy
Run Time:
Approximately 40-45 minutes


  • Storyteller 1

    Evie Smith

    Storyteller 1
  • Storyteller 2

    Carys Nelson

    Storyteller 2
  • Storyteller 3

    Anna Nelson

    Storyteller 3
  • Storyteller 4

    Vivian Coleman

    Storyteller 4
  • Queen Iduna

    Julianna White

    Queen Iduna
  • King Agnarr

    Ryan Franke

    King Agnarr
  • Young Elsa

    Ingrid Oakley

    Young Elsa
  • Young Anna

    Brynlee Tate

    Young Anna
  • Middle Anna

    Nina Spahr

    Middle Anna
  • Middle Elsa

    Katelyn Henzi

    Middle Elsa
  • Anna

    Celeste Brown

  • Elsa

    Kylie Jorgensen

  • Pabbie

    Sophia Towns

  • Bulda

    Ajna Kazic

  • Bishop

    Hannah Lee

  • Weselton

    Aya Haidar

  • Housekeeper

    Kaitlyn Taylor

  • Butler

    Blake Ottaway

  • Handmaiden

    Porter Knox

  • Cook

    Emma Boughton

  • Hans

    Franny Winn

  • Kristoff

    Ella Frost

  • Sven

    Audrey Baxter

  • Olaf

    Alyssa Lee

  • Frostbite (Snow Chorus)

    William Drendel

    Frostbite (Snow Chorus)
  • Diamond (Snow Chorus)

    Chloe Sypolt

    Diamond (Snow Chorus)
  • Crystal (Snow Chorus)

    Charlotte Crummy

    Crystal (Snow Chorus)
  • Townsperson 1/6/11

    Sunny Sorenson

    Townsperson 1/6/11
  • Townsperson 2/7/12

    Isabel Drendel

    Townsperson 2/7/12
  • Townsperson 3/8/13

    Kayla Giberson

    Townsperson 3/8/13
  • Townsperson 4/9/14

    Rebecca Coleman

    Townsperson 4/9/14
  • Townsperson 5/10 and Steward

    Clarity Ghormley

    Townsperson 5/10 and Steward