Singin’ in the Rain

Silent movies are out. “Talkies” are in! Unfortunately for famed movie star Don Lockwood, his leading lady’s comically harsh and squeaky voice is ill-suited for the switch. When their next film is converted into a talking picture, the studio must bring in aspiring actress Kathy Selden to voice all of its female star’s speaking and singing parts. Sparks fly between Kathy and Don in this charming love story that will give everyone the same glorious feeling they get when singing in the rain.

Performance Times:
7:30 PM Wednesdays through Saturdays; 2:00 PM Sundays
John Viars Theatre
Content Advisory:
The Playhouse does not rate subject matter as sensitivties vary from person to person. If you have questions about content, age appropriateness, or other aspects of the show (ie strobe lights and other theatrical effects), please contact the ticket office at 515.277.6261.


  • Miles Burrell

    Young Cosmo Brown

    Miles Burrell
  • Emily Davis


    Emily Davis
  • Eric Fredrickson

    Tenor/ Ensemble

    Eric Fredrickson
  • Jack Gabby

    Young Don Lockwood

    Jack Gabby
  • Elyse Hall


    Elyse Hall
  • Chris Hanian


    Chris Hanian
  • Riley Keough


    Riley Keough
  • Jim Kolnik

    Cosmo Brown

    Jim Kolnik
  • Donald Kom

    R.F. Simpson

    Donald Kom
  • Mark Mangum


    Mark Mangum
  • Lindsay Mickelson


    Lindsay Mickelson
  • Joy Mielke


    Joy Mielke
  • Sophia Montoya-Suson


    Sophia Montoya-Suson
  • Preshia Paulding

    Dora Bailey/ Miss Dinsmore

    Preshia Paulding
  • Dina Perez


    Dina Perez
  • Jordan Potter


    Jordan Potter
  • Charlie Reese

    Don Lockwood

    Charlie Reese
  • Nicholas Root

    Roscoe Dexer

    Nicholas Root
  • Gavin Runles

    Sid Phillips/ Ensemble

    Gavin Runles
  • Maggie Schmitt

    Lina Lamont

    Maggie Schmitt
  • Stephanie Schneider

    Kathy Selden

    Stephanie Schneider
  • Chase Stine


    Chase Stine
  • Lauren Taylor


    Lauren Taylor
  • Erin Horst

    Director/ Choreographer

    Erin Horst
  • Brenton Brown

    Music Director

    Brenton Brown
  • Angela Lampe

    Costume Designer

    Angela Lampe
  • Michael Duede

    Sound Designer

    Michael Duede
  • Joyce Liao

    Lighting Designer

    Joyce Liao
  • Sarah Beth Weinberg

    Properties Designer

    Sarah Beth Weinberg
  • Kyle Bochart

    Stage Manager

    Kyle Bochart
  • Sara Aubin

    Assistant Choreographer

    Sara Aubin
  • Zachary Blevins

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Zachary Blevins
  • Nate Lawrence-Richards

    Technical Director

    Nate Lawrence-Richards
  • Katy Merriman

    Artistic Direcor

    Katy Merriman

Show Credits

Screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green

Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed

Based on the classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film

Sponsored by

  • Edward Jones