Volunteering at The Playhouse

Click here for a PDF of the guest services handbook. 

You are asked to read our “Guest Services Handbook” and watch the “Guest Services Training Video” prior to signing the volunteer agreement.  You have two options:  fill out the form below, or print the last page of the handbook and bring it to your first scheduled event.

Feel free to reach out to David Kilpatrick, Playhouse executive director, with questions at any time, 515.974.5353.

The Playhouse Volunteer Agreement

  1. I signify that I have read and understand all the policies and expectations presented in this handbook.
  2. I signify that I have watched the training video for the 2022-2023 Season. 
  3. I understand that all members of The Playhouse, including staff, volunteers, and board members, will abide by the policies and expectations presented in this handbook and video.  And as a volunteer, I reserve the right to hold them to such.
  4. I understand my expectations as a volunteer and understand that any failure to meet those expectations may result in my dismissal from the production or volunteer activity in which I am participating.
  5. I understand that in order to volunteer at The Playhouse in any capacity I am required to sign this form below or present a signed copy of this form to appropriate Playhouse personnel.

Volunteer Agreement

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