Performance Academy: The Music Man Jr.

jul 28 - jul 29, 2017
Run Time:
60 minutes
Performance Academy, Summer Classes

Join us for performances of our Summer Performance Academy production! There’s trouble in River City when a fast-talking salesman gets his heart stolen by the town librarian in this 60-minute adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway classic.

Each enrolled student receives two complimentary tickets to a performance. Additional tickets are $10.

Amaryllis/Wells Fargo Soloist
Samantha Miller
Boy/Charlie Cowell
Teddi Karnes
Conductor/Constable Locke
Ella Hopkins
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn
Camille Furer
Farmer/Newspaper Reader#1/Man #2
Hope Weber
Newspaper Reader #3/Gracie Shinn/Wells Fargo Soloist
Natalie Koeningsfeld
Harold Hill
Marquis Bundy
Man #1/Newspaper Reader #2
Keshara James
Marcellus Washburn/Wells Fargo Soloist
Michael Bundy II
Marian Paroo
Lucie Keith
Mayor Shinn
Kaden Dillon
Mrs. Paroo/Wells Fargo Soloist
Emma Erdoes
Alma Hix
Julia Cannon
Ethel Toffelmier
Keona Ward-Taylor
Maud Dunlop/Wells Fargo Soloist
Heather Garland
Mrs. Squires/Wells Fargo Soloist
Serena Johnson
Salesman #1/Schoolboard: Ewart Dunlop
Eliza Tutty
Salesman #2/Schoolboard: Jacey Squires
Sarah Sahlin
Salesman #3/Schoolboard: Olin Britt
Joy Mielke
Salesman #4/Schoolboard: Oliver Hix
Josephine Kreutzfeldt
Salesman #5/Tommy Djilas/Wells Fargo Soloist
Will Johnson
Winthrop Paroo
Francesca Cannon
Zaneeta Shinn/Wells Fargo Soloist
Sarah Linder