Anyone who ever wanted to act, from an individual with no experience to the most seasoned actor, is welcome on our stage.


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Cast Needs Legend
M = menages 16+ unless otherwise noted
W = womenages 16+ unless otherwise noted
B = boysages 8-15 unless otherwise specified
G = girlsages 8-15 unless otherwise specified
General information
  • The Playhouse is committed to diversity in casting. Where race, ethnicity, gender, age, or other personal differentiations are not demanded by the script, The Playhouse casts plays without regard to these attributes, and actively encourages participation by all members of the community.
  • Auditionees are encouraged to fill out the Casting Manager forms prior to coming to auditions. You may also fill out the forms at auditions. The Playhouse’s audition crew will help you. Auditionees need to provide complete conflict information in their profiles.
  • Auditionees are taken in the order that they submit their Casting Manager profile unless they asked to sign up for a specific audition time in advance.
  • For musicals, auditionees need to sing a prepared song. Auditionees will sing about one minute, or 16-32 bars of music. Most directors prefer that it not be from the show being auditioned. The Playhouse provides an accompanist as well as the ability to play a track from an iPhone or similar device. Auditionees may be taught a dance or movement routine as part of the audition. Auditionees may be asked to read a selection from the script. The Playhouse does not ask for prepared monologues.
  • For non-musicals, those auditioning are asked to read a selection from the script. The Playhouse does not ask for prepared monologues. Usually scripts may be checked out from The Playhouse ticket office. Call the ticket office at 515.277.6261 prior to coming over to make sure they have a script available for check-out.
  • The ages listed for each audition are guidelines. We provide them to give those auditioning a general idea what is being looked for. The minimum age to audition is 8, unless otherwise specified.
Time Requirements
  • Not all roles require attendance at all rehearsals. Depending upon the role and the show, rehearsals may be 4-5 days per week for 5-7 weeks prior to opening. Rehearsals are typically 2-3 hours.
  • All actors are required for all performances (15-25 performances).

When are auditions? How many people do you need? What ages?
Our audition schedule is available online and printed brochures are available in our lobby information racks. Ages for boys and girls are indicated, with the youngest being 8 years old. Roles for men and women are available to actors ages 16 and up for most shows. Where race, ethnicity, gender, age, or other personal differentiations are not demanded by the needs of the script, The Playhouse casts its shows without regard to these attributes.

I’m not exactly in the age range you list on the audition notice. May I try out anyway?
The age listed is the age of the character, not the actor playing the character. Anyone who comes to auditions may try out. You may end up changing the director’s mind!

How long do auditions take?
The length of the audition process depends on the number of people auditioning. It can take 1-3 hours for the initial round of auditions to be completed.

I can’t make the scheduled audition. Can I set up a time?
Yes, you may call Robin Spahr, 515.974.5365, to arrange another time, prior to the scheduled auditions. Keep in mind that if you cannot come to callbacks it may put you at a disadvantage. It is best to come to scheduled auditions if you can, but we will work to accommodate actors who call for an alternate date. You may also submit a video audition through Casting Manager if you are unable to attend any audition or callback date.

Are roles pre-cast?

I have no previous experience. Can I still audition?
Absolutely! We welcome new actors and will walk you through the process.

Does my child need to take a class before they can audition?
No one is required to take a class before auditioning at The Playhouse. However, many children find that taking classes gives them the experience and confidence to go through with the audition process. The Playhouse offers audition workshops during the winter and summer.

What will happen at auditions?
First you will check in at the registration table. If you have completed your Casting Manager profile, you will get a number and confirm your conflicts with our audition crew. Conflicts during performances cannot be accommodated and any conflict submitted after the cast list is posted will not be excused. Some auditions will have sides (excerpts from the script that you will be asked to read) available for you to look over while you wait to begin auditions. The next step will be to audition for the director by singing 32 measures of the song of your choice if auditioning for a musical or doing a short reading, chosen by the director, for a non-musical. In both instances the director is assessing if you can be heard, if you have a strong stage presence, and if you can move in character. The director is not looking for your mistakes! The director wants to see what you do well and get a sense of how you perform.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move without being inhibited. It is common practice to “dress up” for auditions. This could mean a nice pair of pants with a dress shirt, a skirt or dress, or whatever you consider a bit more formal than casual day wear. Please wear closed-toe shoes; no sandals or flip-flops. You may also want to bring dance clothes and shoes if you are auditioning for a musical. You will be given time to change into those clothes.

How should I prepare?
For musicals, auditionees will need to sing a prepared song. Most directors prefer that it not be from the show for which you are auditioning. The Playhouse provides an accompanist and a way to play an accompaniment from an iPhone or similar device. There will also be a dance audition either on the first night or during the callback. The choreographer will teach everyone a brief segment from the show and then assess people in small groups. For non-musicals, those auditioning will be asked to read a selection from the script. The Playhouse does not ask for prepared monologues.

Is it okay if I sing a cappella (without accompaniment) for my audition?
We strongly recommend that everyone use accompaniment, either our pianist or a pre-recorded accompaniment.

Is it okay to use pre-recorded accompaniment for an audition?
Yes. A way to play accompaniment from an iPhone or similar device is provided.

What if I don’t have much experience dancing?
Learn with the others and then present with confidence what you’ve picked up. Remember that it is part of the rehearsal process to teach you what you need to know. We’re looking for people who are interested in learning as well as those who already have experience.

I don’t think I can sing. Are there any roles for me in a musical?
Sometimes there are non-singing roles in a musical. Those roles are usually identified in the audition notices. If you have misgivings about auditioning, you can come and watch auditions at any time.

Do you have copies of the scripts for the shows?
Scripts are available at The Playhouse ticket office and may be checked out for one week. Auditionees should contact The Playhouse ticket office, 515.277.6261, to confirm a script is available before coming in.

When will I know who is cast?
Callbacks are usually held on Tuesday and Wednesday following the audition. Not all auditionees will be asked to callbacks as some parts may be cast from the initial audition. The stage manager typically calls all of those who have been cast to ensure their acceptance of the role offered. Cast lists are posted on The Playhouse website typically the Friday following auditions.

What is a callback?
A callback is held following the initial round of auditions. This is a chance for the directing team to narrow down the number of actors they are considering for individual roles.

If I am cast in a show, what time commitment is required?
Rehearsals are typically 3 hours, 4-7 days a week, for 6-8 weeks prior to the show opening. Shows run 3-4 weeks.

How many rehearsal conflicts can I have?
It varies. We try to accommodate a reasonable number of conflicts, but excessive conflicts can be a factor in the casting process. Conflicts are not allowed for dress rehearsals and performances.

If I’m cast in a small role, do I need to be at all of the performances?
Yes. All cast members, regardless of role, are required to be at all performances. If an actor is unable to be at all scheduled performances and dress rehearsals, we ask that they not audition.

My child was cast in a show. Can I watch rehearsals?
Just as with classes, part of our process is to teach independence and to foster that skill. We prefer that children attend rehearsals on their own.

I was not cast. Can I get feedback from the director to find out why?
Due to time constraints, directors are unable to provide feedback. We always recommend that you come back for the next audition.

What should I tell my child if they are not cast?
It is always difficult to see your child disappointed. The best tact is to listen and to encourage your child to try again. Even if there wasn’t a part right for them in this play, there are many more shows and they may be just right for something in the future.

How can I get involved if I’m not chosen for a role?
Each show uses nearly 100 volunteers backstage (set construction, costumes, lights, sound, etc.) and guest services (usher, etc.). Information on volunteering backstage is available online or by contacting Taylor Millar, volunteer coordinator, 515.954-7685.