Des Moines Community Playhouse

Events at this location


01feb7:30 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank7:30 pm

02feb2:00 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank2:00 pm

05feb7:30 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank7:30 pm

06feb7:30 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank7:30 pm

07feb9:30 amThe Mitten9:30 am

07feb10:45 amThe Mitten10:45 am

07feb1:30 pmThe Mitten1:30 pm

07feb7:30 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank7:30 pm

08feb7:30 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank7:30 pm

09feb2:00 pmThe Diary of Anne Frank2:00 pm

21feb7:00 pmTinker Bell7:00 pm

22feb1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

22feb4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm

23feb1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

23feb4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm

28feb7:00 pmTinker Bell7:00 pm

29feb1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

29feb4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm


01mar1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

01mar4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm

06mar9:30 amRapunzel9:30 am

06mar10:45 amRapunzel10:45 am

06mar1:30 pmRapunzel1:30 pm

06mar7:00 pmTinker Bell7:00 pm

07mar1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

07mar4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm

08mar1:00 pmTinker Bell1:00 pm

08mar4:00 pmTinker Bell4:00 pm

26mar6:00 pm10:00 pmCurtain Crowd Night at Singin' in the Rain6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


03apr9:30 amThe Boy Who Cried Wolf9:30 am

03apr10:30 amThe Boy Who Cried Wolf10:30 am

03apr1:30 pmThe Boy Who Cried Wolf1:30 pm

24apr7:00 pmPippi Longstocking7:00 pm

25apr1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

25apr4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

26apr1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

26apr4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm


01may7:00 pmPippi Longstocking7:00 pm

02may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

02may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

03may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

03may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

08may9:30 amThe Brementown Musicians9:30 am

08may7:00 pmPippi Longstocking7:00 pm

09may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

09may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

10may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

10may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

15may7:00 pmPippi Longstocking7:00 pm

16may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

16may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

17may1:00 pmPippi Longstocking1:00 pm

17may4:00 pmPippi Longstocking4:00 pm

27may6:00 pm10:00 pmCurtain Crowd Night at Leaving Iowa6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

29may7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

30may7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

31may2:00 pmLeaving Iowa2:00 pm


03jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

04jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

05jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

06jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

07jun2:00 pmLeaving Iowa2:00 pm

10jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

11jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

12jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

13jun7:30 pmLeaving Iowa7:30 pm

14jun2:00 pmLeaving Iowa2:00 pm